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Tyre Retreading Plant  
Tyre Retreading Machinery - Tyre Remolding Plant and Machinery

Tinytech Udyog is a manufacturer and exporter of Tyre retreading Plant and Machinery. Our tyre remolding machinery is very suitable for the remold of automobile tires. Our tyre retreading machine can retread various types of tires from truck to tractor and ranging from various different sizes.

We are committed to understand your needs as a retreader and we provide the appropriate solution through a comprehensive range of services. We provide everything you need from project planning and know-how to training, supply of equipment and raw material services and support. Very few companies in the industry offer such a complete range of services in tyre retreading. Whether your need is for a complete tyre retreading system or requirement for raw material or equipment Tinytech has the most appropriate solution. We offer you one of the most profitable and risk free business of tyre retreading.

Tyre retreading plants does remolding of worn tyres into completely new tyre by way of providing precured rubber by special process on tyre retreading plant and machinery. Ordinary person cannot make out the difference between really new tyre and retreaded tyre. So retreaded tyre is as good as new tyre. However, its life is not as equivalent of the new tyre. But the expense of retreading is only 30 to 40% cost of the new tyre. So truck owners and tractor owners will prefer to retread the tyres instead of purchasing new ones because using retreaded tyres becomes economical.

Tyre Retreading Plant
Salient features of Tinytech Tyre Retreading Plant And Machinery :
Tyre retreading plant is a small scale simple industry.
It requires only 15 HP power connection. Monthly power consumption will be about 800 KWH.
This plant occupies 400 sq. mtr. built up area.
It employs 3 skilled workers and 3 unskilled workers.
» We provide complete machinery and services for installation, commissioning and training to the workers.
» About 150 - 1500 tyres can be retreaded per month.
List of equipments that are required for tyre retreading plant and machinery :
Tread bonder for truck and car tyres :

This is steam curing chamber for bonding precured treads on the worn out tyre. It is fully insulated to withstand high temperatures. Additional hoist or crane can be provided for easy loading and unloading of tyres.
Tread Bonder for Tractor Tyres :

It has pneumatically operated design jack actuating movable upper part of the machine. It is precision controlled by feather touch pneumatic switch ensuring maximum accuracy and safety. This machine uses conventional rubber for retreading of tractor tyres with hot process.
Tyre Buffer :

It is used for scraping the upper surface of worn out tyres to make uniform diameter and to remove uneven wear and tear. It is equipped with 5 HP electric motor with precision mechanism for tyre locking devise.
Rolling Machine :

This machine is used for building and stitching the tread on the tyre. Machine is pneumatically controlled with reduction gear and ultra efficient facilities. 2 HP electric motor runs the machine. It can handle heavy duty truck and tractor tyres.

Air Compressor :

It has two stage compressor head driven by 3 HP motor along with compressed air tank with all control accessories.


Boiler :

It is cross tube vertical boiler in 3 stages. It uses fire wood and provides the steam for the process. It has all necessary accessories such as water level gauge set, pressure gauge, safety valve; water feed pump, non return valves etc. Fire wood consumption will be about 3 to 4 tons per month.


Aluminum molded matrix of various sizes - 6 nos.


Accessories such as compressed air lines, steam lines etc.

Get in touch with us to know more about the Tinytech Tyre Retreading Plant. We are the one stop solution for all your tyre retreading needs.
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