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Sugarcane Crushers  
Sugarcane Crusher Machine- Sugarcane Juice Extractor  

Tinytech Sugarcane Crushers are very efficient to produce fresh sugarcane juice from sugarcane. Our sugarcane crusher machines are designed and built to give maximum extraction of juice from the sugarcane. The stainless steel rollers are made of highest quality and the entire body of sugarcane crusher is sturdy and heavily built. This ensures perfect alignment and vibration free operation of crusher machine.

So far we have supplied and exported various sugarcane crushers all over. Our machines are of single gear as well as double gear. We have a wide range of crushers, accessories and spares to meet any type of requirements of our valuable customers.

Our ranges of sugarcane crushing machines are of three roller design, double roller and horizontal sugarcane crushers. The Tinytech sugarcane juice extractor gives higher extraction of sugarcane juice along with uniformity. It has considerably greater output for commercial as well as industrial applications.

Our sugarcane juice machine is easy to operate and user-friendly. It is a blessing for the sugarcane industry and other agro industries.

We also manufacture and supply manual type sugarcane crushers. We have three different models for manual hand operated sugarcane crushers. Our Tinytech Sugarcane Crushers are a complete unit which comes in the ready to start condition.

Sugarcane Crusher  
Salient Features of Tinytech Sugarcane Crushers  
Round the clock trouble free working.
Long lasting service with minimum maintenance of crushers.
Highly efficient with high milling efficiency giving more juice per ton of sugarcane.
Oil bath sturdy and heavy reduction gear box for reducing the speed.
Heavy tapper roller bearings on all the shafts.
» Rollers with gun metal bearings.
» Special fabricated grease cups for lubrication.
Sugarcane Crusher  
Technical Specifications For Motor Operated Sugarcane Crushers  
Model No. Roller Dia. Roller Length Crushing Capacity Motor H.P. Pulley R.P.M. Crusher R.P.M.
1 260 mm 280 mm 1600 Kg/hr
180 9
2 235 mm 240 mm 1250 Kg/hr
180 9
3 210 mm 200 mm 1000 Kg/hr 10 180 9
4 165 mm 205 mm 600 kg/hr 5 180 9
Technical Specifications For Manual Hand Operated Sugarcane Crushers  
Model No. Roll Size (C.I) Bearing H.P Required
H01 4 " x 2 1/3" 6204 x 4 0.5 HP 1440 rpm
H02 4 " x 2 " 6204 x 4 0.5 HP 1440 rpm
H03 4" x 2" NIL NIL

We can also supply tiny small sugarcane crusher machines operated by only 0.5 HP and 1 HP electric motors that can be used for juice vendors in cities and also for domestic use.

Sugarcane Crushing Process & its Scope

Fresh sugarcane stalks are allowed to pass through the sets of rollers. The pressure between the rollers is responsible for the squeezing action and the sugarcane juice is extracted in a safe manner. The waste is disposed off and the juice is collected and used for the specific purpose. Sugarcane juice is the best liquid for human health. There are various inherent benefits of sugarcane juice. In India, sugarcane juice is widely consumed in summer season and it gives coolness to human body.

Moreover, sugarcane is grown in abundant quantity all over the world. India is the 2nd largest producer of sugarcane in the world. So, there is a huge scope of sugarcane crushers as well as there is a huge market for sugarcane juice.

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