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Popcorn Making Machine  
Popcorn Machines Popcorn Machinery  

Popcorn is a type of corn that expands from the kernel of corn when heated. Popcorn is also known as the Popping Corn. Popcorn is considered as the health food as it has abundant amount of minerals and natural fiber. Popcorn is a very nutritious diet as it is source of proteins, vitamins and calories. Today popcorn is a leading healthful food with so many different high nutrients.

Freshly popped popcorn employs special design machines. We manufacture unique Popcorn Machines that can cook fresh popcorns in just minutes. Our popcorn machines are specially designed and unique in class.

Popcorn Machines
Salient Features
Strong and attractive cabinet of powder coated square pipes.
Frames of aluminum section with glass windows.
Chromium plated cooking kettle.
Stainless steel bottom of the cabinet.
» Control panel with 5 switches.
» Automatic kettle lid lifting device.
» Locking facility for cabinet.
Technical Specifications for Electric Model
Capacity :
450gms / batch of 3 minutes OR 9 kg/hr. Approx.
Power :
Single phase 220/240 Volts, 2250 W approx.
Electricity consumption :
About 2 KWH per hour.
Overall dimensions :
Width 715mm, Depth 535mm, height 1070mm.
Weight : Approx. 80 kg.
Technical Specifications for LPG Gas Model
Capacity :
225 gm/batch of 3 minutes OR 4.5 kg/hr. approximately.
Power :
Stirrer in the kettle operated by DC motor powered by 12 Volt battery.
Cooking is done by LPG gas.
Gas consumption :
About 70 gram per 1 kg. of popcorn OR 300 gram per hour.
Overall dimensions :
Width 715mm, Depth 535mm, height 1070mm.
Weight : 62 kg.
Market for Popcorn

Popcorn is loved by every age group from young to old. The demand for popcorn is very high as it is very fast and easy to make. This snack is generally served salted or sweetened. Popcorn can also be eaten by adding various cooking flavors.

Popcorn sells itself owing to its lovely smell of freshly popped corn without any advertising in schools, cinemas, playgrounds, fairs air-rail-and bus terminals, shopping centers, canteens, or on the busy streets of any city wherever there is crowd. There is a tremendous popularity of popcorn in the entire world.

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